Not Guilty Verdict Issued in State of IL v. Alejandre

After a week long bench trial, Jose Alejandre was found Not Guilty of all counts in State of Illinois v. Alejandre, 17 CF 1896. For the offenses charged, this was absolutely the correct verdict.

As reported in the Daily Herald, “Kane County Judge D.J. Tegeler said he could only rule on the charges prosecutors filed against … Jose Alejandre in the death of Erik Mendez, 36…. ‘This was an absolute tragedy all the way around. It didn’t need to happen,’ Tegeler said”  Trial testimony showed that the decedent attempted to pursue and confront another party goer when Mr. Alejandre intervene, ultimately resulting in the decedent falling backwards and striking his head.

Mr. Alejandre was represented by Kelly Bennett of Bennett Law Offices.