Tort & Civil Law

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Tort and Civil Law

A tort is the legal name for an action by one person, who harms another. Torts can be intentional acts, but they can also be complete accidents if they were the result of negligence or by failing to take reasonable steps to avoid the incident. Under the law, a person who commits a tort is responsible for any foreseeable harm caused by the act, including reimbursement for property damage and medical costs.

Dog Bites

Dog owners are responsible for controlling their dogs at all times. If their dog bites someone and it was in a public area off of a leash, on a leash but not under full control, or even on the owner’s private property where adequate safeguards weren’t taken to warn or protect guests, the owner will be likely be determined to be liable for any injuries caused.

Premises Liability

Businesses and other places open to the public are under an obligation to ensure that public areas are safe. This includes correcting or providing clear warnings of both temporary and permanent hazards such as slippery floors, cracked sidewalks, and loose items. When these steps aren’t taken, any customer, employee, or invited guest may have a cause of action against the property owner.

Defective Products

All products sold should be reasonably safe for their intended purpose. While some, such as lawn mowers, are inherently dangerous, the manufacturer must make the product as safe as reasonably possible through a combination of safety features and warning labels. Any user injured by a defective product may be able to bring a product liability lawsuit whether or not they were the initial purchaser.

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